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“Still Life” By Alekos Fassianos

Please find details of “Still Life” By Alekos Fassianos

Alekos Fassianos, well-known Greek painter, whose life and creativity is strongly connected with Athens and its cultural inheritance. Born and raised in Athens the artist found inspiration in the city and shared his love with viewers. Plots from myths, Byzantine art inspirations make his works fabulous. In the still lives simple attributes beautifully transform in mythical settings. Especially, Fassianos nicely conveys the pleasure of everyday life and its transcendent calmness.

Fabulous blue radish of our “Still life” perfectly reflects the following quote by the artist. “People remain the same, only their clothing and habits change. I express the man of today, who carries the memory of all those before. He grew up in the same place but instead of a tunic and chlamys he wears a tie and wide trousers and runs free not on his horse but on his bicycle or motorcycle. As for color, it’s always been there. I express my feelings when I choose color.”  “Still life” evokes a nostalgic sentiment, the feeling of coziness and homely warmth. In particular, this effect is strengthened by the medium – oil on the clothes fabric.

In addition,

Take a look at other still lives in our collection. For instance, the piece by Gyula Zilzer, a Hungarian painter and graphic designer. The flowers, pipe and newspaper carefully lye on the table. Accuracy of the details and intense rich colors capture the attention. Besides, we would like to offer you to check the blogs about “Euan Uglow” by Itzu Rimmer, “Still Life” by Chung Shek and, also, “Bouquet Tricolore” by Moïse Kisling.

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