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Tag: Reuven Rubin

“Early Morning” by Reuven Rubin

Please find details of “Early Morning” by Reuven Rubin Gentle painting Early Morning captures the moment of fresh early breeze during the hot days. Elegant partly transparent olives slightly bend. Rubin gives the trees living characters. Everything is soft and weightless. Thin silhouette of the…

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“A double portrait of two boys” By Reuven Rubin 100x81 cm

Reuven Rubin collection

Kings gallery has remarkable collection of artworks by famous Israeli artist of the mid-20th Reuven Rubin. His works leave a deep impression due to the unique transparent shining light, that is coming out from canvases. For instance, take a look at magical deep blue eyes…

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10 Shlomzion Hamalka st, Jerusalem 9414610
+ (972) 50 258 8951 


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