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Tag: Zvi Raphaelli

Mea Shearim Market by the artist Zvi Raphaeli oil on canvas 61X91 cm

Mea Shearim Market by Zvi Raphaeli

Zvi Raphaeli beautifully depicted ultraorthodox neighborhood Mea Shearim. Its name means hundredfold. To be precise, it comes from the quote "Isaac sowed in that land, and in that year, he reaped a hundredfold (מאה שערים‎, mea shearim); God had blessed him". Especially, the impressionistic painting shows a…

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Zvi Rafaeli - Street in Jerusalem - Oil on wood - 44X625 cm

Zvi Raphaeli “Street in Jerusalem”

Please find details of “Street in Jerusalem” by Zvi Raphaeli Spring warm painting by Israeli impressionist artist depicts a sunlit passage, probably, it is Mahane Yehuda Market. Zvi Raphaeli masterfully conveys the light and shades, this artwork is an instant impression, that radiates calmness. Moreover, the street appears to…

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Ora Nissim, Kotel, Jerusalem, Gallery, Kings Gallery, Israeli Artist.

Inhabitants of the Holy city

Kings gallery has a large selection of works dedicated to Jerusalem. The city has been a source of inspiration for many artists for centuries. However, inhabitants formed the city to a great extent and should be described separately. Some of the artists inscribe their heroes…

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