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Tag: Jerusalem art

Reuven Rubin “Road to Safed”

Please find details of “Road to Safed” by Reuven Rubin Elegant old olives trees surround the way of a traveler with a donkey. Rubin gives to the trees living characters. Created with impressionistic technique and restrained colors, everything is soft and weightless. The land and…

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enashe Kadishman - Red sheep - acrylic on canvas - 120X120 cm

“Red sheep” by Menashe Kadishman

Details of “Red sheep” by Menashe Kadishman Menashe Kadishman is a famous Israeli artist, who often challenged and surprised audiences. Particularly, he is best remembered as the sculptor and painter who created a great variety of sheep images in different styles. “Red Sheep” This large piece is…

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"Beyond believe" By Yaacov Agam Paris, 1985-1989 Acrylic on Metal, 39x30 cm

Yaacov Agam “Beyond believe”

Please find details of “Beyond believe” by Yaacov Agam Yaacov Agam is a worldwide famous Israeli artist. He has created a type of print known as Agamograph, that uses barrier-grid animation. Yaacov Agam involves spectators into the art or performances. Viewers are able to influence artistic creation, especially…

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"Abstraction" By Moshe Tamir Oil on canvas, 46X38 cm

Moshe Tamir “Abstraction”

Please find details of “Abstraction” by Moshe Tamir Moshe Tamir (Tulchinsky) (1924-2004) was born in Odessa, he moved to Israel with the family when he was 3 years old. The artist received international education, started from Bezalel in Jerusalem, then continued at the Academy of Fine Arts in…

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Antoine Bouvard "Venice" Oil on canvas, 38X29 cm

“Venice” By Antoine Bouvard

Please find details of "Venice" By Antoine Bouvard Antoine Bouvard was born on December 26, 1875 in Saint-Étienne. The civil status declared as “born of unknown parents”. Before the late 1920s the artist frequently used watercolor and gouache, his art was influenced by the Barbizon…

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