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“Still nature” by Gyula Zilzer

Please view details of “Still nature” by Gyula Zilzer

Gyula Zilzer is a Hungarian painter and graphic designer. Art surrounded the future painter since the childhood, as he grew up in the family, that included the Bavarian king’s court painter Antal Zilzer, the sculptor Hajnalka Zilzer, and the painter Frigyes Frank. In his youth, Zilzer was interested in machines, together with two friends, Trotzer and Mintz, he worked on the creation of a radio controlled torpedo.

As a Jew, Zilzer was prevented from continuing his engineer studies. So, he started his education at the Royal Academy of Arts in Budapest, later he attended the Hans Hofmann School of Art in Munich, and the Academie Colorossi in Paris. In the mid-1920s, Gyula Zilzer had his first solo exhibition in France. Exhibitions in London, Amsterdam, Moscow, and Paris gave him a certain fame. Moreover, he won prizes at the International Exhibition in Moscow (1927) and International Exhibition in Bourdeaux (1927).

Still nature

It is very interesting to examine the genre of still life with regard to different artistic movements. As Manet called it – “the touchstone of painting”. German expressionism and, especially the art of George Grosz, influenced the style of Zilzer. The flowers, pipe and newspaper carefully lye on the table, predicting the mood of the author. Accuracy of the delails and intense rich colors make the paintng even-tempered.

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