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“Bouquet Tricolore” by Moïse Kisling

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Moïse Kisling is a Polish-born artist, who was a central member of the School of Paris. The artist worked in various styles throughout his career. Still lifes exemplify his changes from Cubism to Postmodern, Symbolism and, finally, Realism. “Bouquet Tricolore” was created in 1938 and is inclined to realism, the same as many other Kisling’s works from that period. Three species of flowers and their three vibrant colors make the painting light and airy. White, scarlet and purple flow freely into each other. There are white reflections in the scarlet carnations, and at the same time purple flowers include scarlet tones.


The work seems to exude vitality due to plenty of buds and greenery. Kisling depicts charm of flowers. Spectators feel the joy, that author transmits through colors and their tints. The transparent vase is full of green growing up stems. The painting is symmetric, the atist even places the signature and details at an equal distance from the sides of the painting and on the same layer as the vase. Moreover, flowers outline ideal semi-circle on top.


In the background yellow color thickens from left to right. The transition creates the perception, that the bouquet is lightened from the left side, such an illumination also corresponds to the shades on the table. This aspect makes the painting much more realistic and alive. Otherwise, the image would be too perfect and lifeless.

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