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Menashe Kadishman “Homage to Picasso’s dancer”

Please view details of “Homage to Picasso’s dancer” by Menashe Kadishman

Our gallery has a wide variety of artworks by Menashe Kadishman. The artist is famous for hundreds of portraits of sheep each one different from another. Expressive sad eyes of sheep show through black silhouettes of Pablo Picasso‘s dancers. A yellow sheep seems to be the only faithful viewer of the dancers. Distorted streamlined figures express soft and tender emotions. In particular, this artwork refers to famous Picasso’s single line drawing “The Three Dancers” which can be opposed to his famous oil on canvas “The Three Dancers” with angular figures and intense colors, conveying more harsh emotions.


Menashe Kadishman made dancers serve as a frame for his a bit suspended and sorrowful sheep heroine. Besides, he beautifully conveyed the detached look and, also, the feeling of the overwhelming loneliness even around the dance. Especially, the tangle of hands above the sheep’s face and almost holding of legs beneath is an interweaving in a mutual joy of dancers, that alienates the background layer with lost melancholy eyes.

It is not the only homage painting in our collection of Kadishman’s art. Check our blog about “Gesture to Mondrian” by Menashe Kadishman. That painting reminds of Mondrian’s “Composition with Red, Blue, and Yellow”. The artist plays with an interaction of abstract and naturalistic. Mondrian called his style Neo-Plasticism or “The New Plastic Painting,” his idea was to depict the structure of reality in reduced to the simplest of rectilinear forms, squares and rectangles defined by vertical and horizontal lines.

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