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“Landscape” by Tadeusz Rychter

Please find details of “Landscape” by Tadeusz Rychter

Tadeusz Rychter is a Polish artist best known for his watercolors of the Holy Land. For instance, his “Landscape” is a thoughtful and tranquil painting, which depicts the flock of sheep in the twilight. Sheep are moving away to a lone tree in the distance. Endless hills seem to go to the horison. Dark silhouettes appear to vanish far away. Also, a tree looks like as it is striving upward, Rychter showed it lightweight. The vague artwork enthralls viewers with its mystery. In particular, the transparency of watercolors allows to portray the sense of space.

Holy Land

The artist studied at the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków. He decided to settle in Palestine in 1920. Interestingly, in the Holy Land he earned living restoring art in old churches, including a church in Bethlehem, and selling watercolor paintings. Especially he worked for the company, that sent his artworks to Europe.


Tadeusz Rychter managed to create engaging portraits with watercolors. As it was described in a review in 1927 in “Doar Hayom”, he “was able to convey the subtlety of the tone and mainly the emotional expression. Here, the transparency of watercolors helps the artist peer through the skin into the subject’s soul”. However, Artists’ Association did not accept Rychter in 1935 most likely because of his religous views. So, he had to come back to Poland. There he worked on frescos, but shorly World War II outbroke. The painter disappeared in Warsaw in 1941 under unknown circumstances. In 1943, the Nazis murdered him.

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