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Modest Cuixart “Buenos Aires”

Please find details of “Buenos Aires” by Modest Cuixart

Modest Cuixart i Tàpies, a Catalan painter, who had created the unique universe of surrealist landscapes with geometric symbols and bizarre creatures. There is always a sense of mystery and magic in Cuixart’s art. 

After the Spanish Civil War, Cuixart promoted contemporary art in Catalonia within Dau al Set group and though Dau al Set magazine. It was a movement of writers and artists founded in Barcelona. The name means “the seventh side of the die” in Catalan, reflecting the artistic practices that went beyond the normal limits, the six sides of the die. They shared the inspiration from dream-like and dada artworks, original writings, and literature. However, unfortunately, its distribution was limited only to the intellectual elite interested in culture and art.  

Buenos Aires

Modest Cuixart i Tàpies found his inspiration in Dada and Surrealism and, especially, in works by Max Ernst, Paul Klee, and Joan Miro. This associative link is also obvious for the work presented in our gallery. “Buenos Aires” reminds a human figure staring at the viewers with wide black piercing eyes. He uses intense dark tones creating secretive stealthy atmosphere. This abstract painting dates back to 1960. In the mid-fifties, while his stay in France, Cuixart explored textures and reliefs techniques. “Buenos Aires” consists of layers, that immerse the upper part of the silhouette into the depth. 

In addition, 

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