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Jules Pascin

Julius Mordecai Pincas, known as Jules Pascin, was a Bulgarian born artist, who during his tragically brief lifetime created numerous elegant watercolors, pastels, and drawings. His works feature simple expressive lines. In particular, his paintings seem to be rapid, depicting occasional glances and situations. Also, Pascin mostly worked with pastel and dull colors, that denoted the darkness accompanying his life. The painter’s style refers to the movements of Fauvism and Cubism. Сontemporary drawings, that he contributed to the satirical magazine Simplicissimus from 1905 to 1913, brought him the first fame.


The artist obtained American citizenship in 1920, he lived the most part of his artistic career in Paris, known there under the pseudonym of the “Prince of Montparnasse”. Sad and cold world in his artworks was inhabited by beautiful restless characters, nude women. The sense of emptiness and the search for the meanings tortured Pascin.  

Our gallery has two artworks by Jules Pascin. “Three drawings” are caricature portraits. Especially strict looking men are closely watching each other. Hats styles correspond with appearances and, probably, personalities of the figures.

“Couple” is a more sincere sorrowful work. Pascin conveyed the mood and atmosphere through the depiction of devasted lowered eyes. Also, a slight casualness of this picture makes spectators feel as they are witnessing the scene.

Nowadays, paintings by Jules Pascin are inter alia in the collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and the Louvre in Paris.

In addition, check our blog about Maximilien Luce, a French Neo-Impressionist. We offer his drawing “DEUX HOMMES”. The artist conveyed the pains of ordinary labors. Precisely painted contours transmit the motion. Luce’s art reflected societal changes of his time.

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