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“Dancer” sculpture by Gadi Fraiman

Please find details “Dancer” by Gadi Fraiman

Gadi Fraiman was born in Lodz, Poland in 1958. When the artist was 8, his family emigrated to Israel. After the marriage Gadi moved to Kibbutz Mishmar David in the Judean Hills, there his main occupation for a long time was winemaking. Since the childhood the form transformations have interested Fraiman. Born to the family of Holocaust survivors, he has inserted in the art subtle worries and a dramatic experience. He conveys emotions through flowing lines. Recently the artist has started to add colors to his sculptures, he explained: “Color affects every realm of life and I want to inject color into the range of human emotion.”


Gadi Fraiman has depicted the impulse and sensuality expressed in the dance. The passion elevates the figure up. Especially, the roundness of lines generate the feeling of slight movement. Also, curvature brings the perception of immediacy. The sculpture makes everything around look more mobile and refined. Energetic and elegant the figure represents the unique dance of the artist with bronze, that has a harmony as a result.

In addition, we have a primitive interpretation of “Dancer” by Meir Pichhadze. The young girl invites spectators to dance and celebrate the joy of life with her. 

Our gallery has an interesting collection of sculptures. Please check blogs about the sculptures by Menashe Kadishman and Yosl Bergner. “Pumpkin” by Yayoi Kusama might be interesting. In particular, she appeals to the pumpkin’s “humorous form, warm feeling, and a human-like quality”.

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