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Meir Pichhadze and His Art

Please view artworks by Meir Pichhadze presented in Kings gallery

Meir Pichhadze is an Israeli painter and sculptor. He was born in Georgia in Kutaisi in 1955 and emigrated with his family to Israel in 1973. Razu Ramishvili was the first and very important art teacher of the future artist. Especially this famous Georgian sculptor played a significant role in Meir’s acquaintance with the primitivism. Later in Israel his works revealed influences of Nico Pirosmany style. In the middle 1990s, Pichhadze traveled to New York and during his stay there he particularly painted images based on old family photographs.


The artist worked on black canvas instead of the traditional white. As he described: “I prefer to start painting by covering the canvas in black, like an existential bedding and then illuminate it”.

Kings gallery has artworks from two sculptor series by Meir Pichhadze.

“Dancer” and “A girl”

“A girl” is dreaming and laughing, she resebles a blooming sunflower. Moreover, she seems to be dancing on the moon, as her skirt mimics its shape. This small bright figure can make amost everyone smile. “Dancer” by Meir Pichhadze is also a girl, who invites spectators to dance and celebrate the joy of life with her. Frinedly bronze character beams positive.

“Bambi” and “Rider”

“Bambi” is a fabulous character, that firstly appeared in the novel by Felix Salten. The red figure of a deer with gold ears and stars stands on the chess platform. In the same way “Rider” is created. The small yellow figure saddled a huge, but at the same time, kind donkey. Furthermore, the animal and man have similar blue eyes.

Kings Gallery is a leading fine art gallery established in Jerusalem in 1995. We strive to collect and sell the highest quality historic and contemporary Israeli and International art. Especially, the gallery specializes in artists from the early period of the 1920’s. In addition, Kings Gallery features leading up-and-coming young artists who will definitely be prominent names in the next few years.

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