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Nahum Gutman “Worker in the field”

Please find details of “Worker in the field” by Nahum Gutman

Nahum Gutman here shows the worker as a new powerful confident type of men. The light, that the figure is carrying reminds the sun. He seems to be able to move the sun, to subdue the forces of nature. Worker’s face is lit by the sun, but at the same he is shining. Expressive sweeping manner of painting and intense unnatural colors make the image futuristic and utopian. It seems to be an exploration of who is this effective person that is able to change the world.

Nahum Gutman

Nachum Gutman was born in the village Teleneshty, Bessarabia. When he was 7, the family emigrated to Israel and settled in Neve Tzedek, where artist’s father worked as a teacher. Nachum Gutman started his education at Bezalel Academy of Arts, and then later studied painting in Vienna, Berlin and Paris. In Israel the painter was a part of an artistic circle, that formed “The Eretz-Israeli Style”, mostly focused on landscape paintings. Another well known member of this movement was Reuven Rubin, whose artworks comprise the collection of Kings gallery.

The unique style of Gutman includes a combination of French primitive-naive art and Expressionism. He worked in a variety of media including sculpture, mosaics and engravings.


Nachum Gutman was a writer, that is why many of his paintings have a narrative character. The artist even created several illustrated books for children and received the “Lamdan Award for Children’s Literature” and the “Fichman Prize for Literature and Art”.

In 1988 Nahum Gutman Society opened his Museum of Art in Tel-Aviv. Its exhibitions include works by contemporary Israeli artists in order to create a cultural dialogue between old and new masters.

Kings Gallery is a leading fine art gallery established in Jerusalem in 1995. We strive to collect and sell the highest quality historic and contemporary Israeli and International art. Especially, the gallery specializes in artists from the early period of the 1920’s. In addition, Kings Gallery features leading up-and-coming young artists who will definitely be prominent names in the next few years.

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