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Yaacov Feldman “Flag and Talit”

Please find details of “Flag and Talit” by Feldman

Yaacov Feldman is a contemporary Israeli Realism artist. He believes, that “ordinary things inhabiting artist’s pictures, like a garlic bulb, a matchbox, a pair of scissors, can sometimes tell you no less than human characters about the mystery of life.”

Feldman was born in Vitebsk and graduated from Vitebsk Art School in 1987. Later he studied at the Academy of Textile Design. Artist immigrated to Israel in 1991. Over time, his art has been exhibited in Paris, Jerusalem and Amsterdam.

“Flag and Talit”

Artwork “Flag and Talit” depicts two national symbols, that obviously have a strong connection: one is the source for another.

In preparation for the first Zionist Congress in Basel (1897) Hertzel suggested a white flag with seven gold stars. However, the Zionist leader David Wolfson had a different idea: “It seems that we already have a flag. The Tallit with which we wrap ourselves as we pray – this Tallit is our symbol. Let us take it out of its casing and unroll it in front of Israel and in front of other nations”. So, together with Magen David and colors the formed the design for the Israeli symbol. Also, nowadays standing next to each other this too objects remind the controversial challenge of the state – Jewish secular and democratic. 

Kings’ gallery collection

Depictions of ordinary things tell the stories about inhabitants of the places and owners.  “Roses in a glass” mark out on the gray background. They seem to disperse grayness from the room.

In addition, we offer several urban landscapes by Yaacov Feldman. “Tel Aviv Landscape” shows rapidly developing city. Old buildings in the forefront fade before skyscrapers in the distance. Sand colors make the painting soft and tranquil. Also, due to the light blue sky and slightly vague perspective, the artist manages to transmit a haze. On the contrary, Feldman transmits “Old City View” of Jerusalem at sunset. Saturated colors, fiery roofs and distant infinite mountains make this landscape piercing. Houses in the background seems to be melting in the hills.

The third urban painting is “Jerusalem Courtyards”. A beautiful desolate yard between old Jerusalem buildings with unique histories and moods invites viewers to enter.

Kings Gallery is a leading fine art gallery established in Jerusalem in 1995. We strive to collect and sell the highest quality historic and contemporary Israeli and International art. The gallery specializes primarily in artists from the early period of the 1920’s. Besides, we feature leading up-and-coming young artists who will definitely be prominent names in the next few years.

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