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“Candle lighting” by Yosl Bergner

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Yosl Bergner is one of Israel’s most distinguished and important artists. His art has a distinctly fabulous, mystical and sometimes religious subject focus. His father was a poet who translated some of Franz Kafka’s books into Yiddish, his fantastic images influenced future Yosl Bergner’s paintings. After emigrating to Israel, Yosl Bergner moved from Social Realism, which he preferred to call Social Humanism. Here in his art he created the unique fairy world of kind sad dreamers and butterflies, which is full of allusions to the social problems, that he depicted before.

“Candle lighting”

In this artwork Yosl Bergner depicts a kind of secret ritual. A strange creature is lighting a candle in front of a portrait of a young beautiful smiling woman, that seems to be an alive hero in the painting. Interestingly, the artist puts the candle and, therefore, the main source of the light between the portrait and the figure. Spectators see how the reflections illuminate faces and determine them, adding emotional features. Probably, the closed eyes indicate the fight of negative and positive forces inside the main hero. The small demon as laughing at him, trying to grab his attention.

Pease find a large selection of works by Yosl Bergner, the artist who showed delicate fusion between sadness and joy. 

Another Israeli artist, who worked a lot with light reflections, is Zvi Malnovitzer. For instance, check our blog about his “Wedding”.

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