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“Early days in Tel Aviv” by Yosl Bergner

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Yosl Bergner is one of Israel’s most distinguished and important artists. His art has a distinctly fabulous, mystical and sometimes religious subject focus. His father was a poet who translated some of Franz Kafka’s books into Yiddish, his fantastic images influenced future Yosl Bergner’s paintings. After emigrating to Israel, Yosl Bergner moved from Social Realism, which he preferred to call Social Humanism. Here in his art he created the unique fairy world of kind sad dreamers and butterflies, which is full of allusions to the social problems, that he depicted before. For instance, check a blog about this artistic period, full of fantasy and dreams.

“Early days in Tel Aviv”

Yosl Bergner created this artowork in 2010. The painting depicts the first years of Tel-Aviv foundation. Families with children have just arrived and settled there. They enjoy views and promenades along the sea. The figures are placed either looking straight at the spectators or backwards. Therefore, we appear to be bystanders of this joining the new country and culture. Dominant European clothes emphasizes the recent move. The man in the cylinder enters the beach, which meets him with tens of smiling children.

Interestingly, the artist chose one of the few overcast days. In particular, he masterfully depicted the rays of the sun coming down through clouds. Moreover, through a bit vague impressionistic manner Yosl Bergner conveyed the wind flows, that were swinging umbrellas.

Pease find a large selection of works by Yosl Bergner, the artist who showed delicate fusion between sadness and joy. The mastermind of the artist was Vincent Van Gogh.

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