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Reuven Rubin

Israeli Artist
Born 1893 Galati, Romania – Died 1974 Tel-Aviv, Israel

Reuven Rubin was a pioneering figurative Israeli artist of the mid-20th and one of the creators of the new Eretz- Israel style. He depicted the local landscapes and the people with the Zionist enthusiasm of the early years. Furthermore, in 1948, he became the first official Israeli ambassador to Romania. He served in this position until 1950.

Early Life

In 1912, he went to Palestine, which was still part of the Ottoman Empire, as Rubin himself wrote: when he got off the ship in Jaffa, he realized that this was his land, where he would live.
Rubin started his education in the Bezalel School in Jerusalem. However, he decided to study deeper and went to Paris. In Paris in 1913-14 he studied at the School of Fine Arts and the Academy of Colarossi. When the First World War began the return to Palestine became impossible. 

Quite quickly Rubin was recognized as one of the leading artists of Mandatory Palestine. In the 1920s, he developed his own style, close to modernism, although based on the Israeli theme. Paintings of this period are distinguished by bright colors and a clear composition. In 1922, he created one of his most famous works, the First Fruits triptych. In 1924, his first solo exhibitions were held, in Jerusalem and Herzliya, in 1926 – the solo exhibition at the Bernheim Gallery in Paris. Gradually, his personal exhibitions were held almost annually. 

Over the years,

In the 1940s and 1950s, the artistic style of Reuven Rubin  changed completely. Rubin moved away from purely figurative paintings and began to paint in a style close to symbolism. In 1966–67 his major retrospective exhibitions were held in the two largest art museums in Israel – in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. In addition, in 1969, he made stained-glass windows for the reception hall in the new residence of the President of Israel in Jerusalem. In 1973, Reuven Rubin was awarded the Israel State Prize for achievements in the arts. 


In 1948, Reuven Rubin was appointed as the first Israeli ambassador to Romania. He held this position until 1950, and then returned to Tel Aviv. 

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