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”Spring blossom in the Galilee” by Oded Feingersh

Please view details of ”Spring blossom in the Galilee” by Oded Feingersh

A bright artwork by Oded Feingersh is full of light and the admiration of nature. ”Spring blossom in the Galilee” has Neo-Impressionist and Fauvist features. All magic colors of the sky and countryside view correspond and reflect. The motionless water in the forefront conveys the calmness. Moreover, the painting depicts specific perception of the moment, visitors imagine sounds and smells. Tints here are links to the spiritual mood and are separated from scientific approach to the use of colors and contrasts.

Light and shining paints are apart from each other adding the volume and various internal directions inside depicted objects. Houses seem to relax under the shade of the cypress. Also, the artwork looks harmoniously and detached as something very personally meaningful. Orange, yellow and blue are impressions of flourishing and blossoming spring.

Oded Feingersh

Oded Feingersh was born in Jerusalem in 1938. The artist experimented with different styles during the career. His education started at Bezalel Academy of Art & Design in Jerusalem and then continued in Paris, Brussels and Madrid. Oded Feingersh won Lefrance Prize in 1966 and Dizengoff prize in Tel-Aviv in 1976. Interestingly, the artist was a part of Ten Plus Group (established in 1965), that placed the Avant-Gard to the front stage. In particular, they experimented with materials and techniques, combining influences of different historic periods.

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