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“House in Tiberias” by Shlomo Narinsky

Please view details of “House in Tiberias” by Shlomo Narinsky

Shlomo Narinsky was born in the Russian Empire. The photographer and artist studied in Paris and later in Berlin. After finishing the education, he came back to Russia, however, shortly after he immigrated to Palestine. Shlomo Narinsky managed to open a photography studio in Jerusalem called “Photographic Unity”, where he worked together with his wife Sonia. The artist conveyed atmosphere and mood of the Holy city. His landscapes are magical, full of light and warmth.

“House in Tiberias” is tender and airy. The Sea of Galilee touches the sky on the horizon. Peaceful colours transmit the calm atmosphere of this old and very spiritual place. Tiberias is the lowest of all cities and as the rabbis teach, it will “arise even before Jerusalem”. According to tradition, the Sanhedrin will reappear in Tiberias first and then move to the Temple in Jerusalem.
Particularly, Tiberias is one of the four “Holy Cities”, along with Jerusalem, Hebron, and Safed. Check our blog about Moshe Castel’s “Jerusalem Spirit” and his “Ha’Ari Synagogue in Safed”.


Narinsky found inspiration in European photography of the 19th century. During the World War I the artist was exiled to Egypt. Later he moved to Paris and created another photography studio there. World War II ruined all expectations and calm lives. Shlomo Narinsky was arrested and sent to the detention camps in Saint-Denis and Drancy, he was released in 1944. After the war the couple settled in Kibbutz Ein Harod.

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