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“Couple” by Ori Reisman

Please find details of “Couple” by Ori Reisman

Painted with intense color and free brush strokes “Couple” conveys the unity of lovers. They seem alike, the way they look, facial expressions and even postures. Limited palette creates a sense of structure, the work is monosyllabic. Especially, the painting is tender, peaceful, moreover, it exudes coziness. Portraits by the artist are the result of disassembling and assembling color fields. In particular, his artistic style brings timeless tranquility. Gentleness and reverie captivate and invite viewers to compassionate.

Ori Reisman

Ori Reisman was born in Tel Yosef. He studied at the studio of Yitzhak Frenkel, an artist of the l’École de Paris. Later in Paris he attended painter Jean Souverbie’s Monumental Art workshop. There he got acquainted with Israeli artists Lea NikelEliahu Gat, and Michael Gross. Already during studies after Yitzhak Frenkel bright expressive colors became a significant element of his works, that predetermined the atmosphere of landscapes, portraits and still-life. Interestingly, Reisman’s approach to landscapes alludes to the bodily forms.

Ori Reisman exhibited at major museums, including the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and the Israel Museum. Besides, there was his retrospective exhibition in the Tel Aviv Museum of Art in 2004.

In addition, our gallery offers artworks by mentioned above Israeli artist Michael Gross, for instance, his “The Port” is very delicate and light. Check our blog about Michael Gross and his art. Also, another elegant depiction of a couple by Jules Pascin might be interesting.

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