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“Cat and Cactus” by Leo Ray

Details of “Cat and Cactus” by Leo Ray

Leo Ray mainly works in the naive style. His unique universe is dream-like, he changes meanings of usual objects, adding new personal accents. The artist combines oil with acrylic, creating unusual textural contrasts. His art is a fly of fantasy, as he said: “I paint all the things I love”. Leo Ray is a wonderful colorist, who works in large and small formats. “Cat and Cactus” painted with limited color pallet and thick strokes fascinates with its simplicity and coziness. The TV on the shelf, the cactus and the cat on the cupboard are three vertical unified objects placed in the row, resembling a timeline.

Besides, our collection includes another depiction of the cat by Leo Ray. Elegant enigmatic “My cat” is a combination of diluted ink and black ink. Particularly, the cat mimics the wall being an inseparable part of the room.

Leo Ray

Leo Ray is an Israeli painter, sculptor, calligraphy artist and art teacher. He was born in 1950 in Vilnius. Ray started painting in his early childhood. Later he studied at the Vilnius Academy of Arts. Artist immigrated to Israel in 1991. Ray has presented his works in many exhibitions around the world. Moreover, he won several international awards. Interestingly, the artist works on the project of the infinite paintings. In particular, he adds canvas after canvas and, therefore, paintings constantly grow.

Please find our selection of artworks by Leo Ray

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