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Yaacov Agam “Black Hole”

Yaacov Agam is a worldwide famous Israeli kinetic artist. He is famous for a type of print known as Agamograph, that uses barrier-grid animation. Therefore, depending on the angle of looking, totally different images appear. For Yaacov Agam it is especially important to involve spectators into the art or performance. He invited spectators to influence artistic creation.

“Black Hole”

The name of piece refers to the region of spacetime where gravity is so strong, that nothing can escape. This print on wood is a study on the perception of volume with regards to shapes and colors. Geometric figures reinterpret similar blocks of the panel.

In addition, the post about “Had Gadya” by Yaacov Agam might be interesting. It is a Jewish Passover cumulative song written in Aramaic. Each verse starts with “One little goat” and then finally in the last paragraph “The Holy One, Blessed be He” kills the angel of death. Thus, the message of the song is, that the G-d of Israel is a ruler, who governs the world and all creatures.

Besides, take a look at unique Megillaht Ester by the artist.

Tourists can see the works by Yaacov Agam in many significant places. For example, Fountain in Dizengoff Square or Facade of Dan Hotel in Tel-Aviv. Also, he designed the world’s largest Menorah. Installed at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 59th Street in New York City it fills with lights every year during Hanukkah.

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