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“Vitrage” by Yaacov Agam

Please find our selection of artworks by Yaacov Agam

Yaacov Agam is famous for kinetic and optical artworks. He is best-known for three-dimensional paintings and sculptures. Especially one type of prints, that uses barrier-grid animation, has its name after the artist – “Agamograph”. Yaacov Agam invites viewers into the labyrinths of color transformations and their reflections. For Yaacov Agam it is important to involve spectators into the art or performance and make them influence the artistic creation. 

“Vitrage” by Yaacov Agam

A beautigful “Vitrage” on plexiglass shimmers with shades of the rainbow. The wider parts of the artwork have ornaments resembling the cycle of the sun and moon. It is interesting to watch how the vitrage transforms with the light change. In Agam’s “Geometric Mirror” the viewer’s facial expressions are determined by the intensity of lines. Here, in the vitrage, the light and its perception are in the power of artist, he affects the atmosphere in the space adding some tints and unusual reflcetions. Also, the golden base of the artwork mirrors its colourful designs.

Toursists can come across the works by Yaacov Agam in many significant places. For example, Fountain in Dizengoff Square or Facade of Dan Hotel in Tel-Aviv. Also, he designed the world’s largest Menorah. Installed at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 59th Street in New York City it fills with lights every year during Hanukkah.

In addition, some blogs about his art in our gallery: “The Agam Mezuzah”“Kiddush Cup” “The Bible”, “Megillaht Ester” and Geometrics.

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