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“Sitting dancer Sketch” by Leon Bakst

Leon Bakst developed elegant modern style full of ornaments, references to antique and folk traditions. He was born in Russia in 1866 under surname Rosenberg, however, already at the time of his first exhibition, the artist took pseudonym Bakst. Origins of this surname are unclear. Totally new idea of combinations of eastern and western patterns from different epochs determines the enchantment, it explains his popularity among contemporaries. Especially, his unique role and cultural influence became to be obvious from 1910s with his theatrical works in Paris. Art director and costume designer of Diaghilev’s performances of the Russian Ballet made a sensation in the world of fashion.

Rethinking of ancient and oriental motifs

Bakst’s stylizations created a fashion in Europe for turbans, kimonos, Persian embroidery. “Sitting dancer Sketch” is an example of working with folk tailoring and elements of clothes, the artist managed to connect lightness and splendor.

Leon Bakst was an arbiter of taste in Europe till his last days. His life was dedicated to bringing closer the beauty to everyday life. He was an artist who became famous as a designer. He reinterpreted the idea of style through new approach on historical progression of shapes and symbols.

In addition, check blogs about our sketch collection and about “Knight” by Sergei Eisenstein, a theatrical drawing by the famous film director. He believed that the main thing in art was movement, that avoided static characters and situations: “the line is a trace of movement”. Therefore, smooth lines became to be more than a circuit, but determined the shape, volume, plasticity and even character.

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Watercolor and pencil on paper, 36×25.5 cm.

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