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“Knight” by Sergei Eisenstein

Please find details by “Knight” by Sergei Eisenstein

The name of Segei Eisenstein is worldwide known due to his famous films and new cinematic techniques. In particular, his silent film “Battleship Potemkin” (1925) in 1958 was recognised as “the best film of all times and people” by a film critics’ survey at the World Exhibition in Brussels. However, the heritage of Eisenstein is much wider and extended to theater, literature, art.


Eisenstein’ first preserved drawings date back to 1914, when at the end of his mother’s letters readers can see depictions of animals or clowns. In general, his art included sketches for theatre performances and films as well as satirical drawings. “Knight” (1921) is a pencil and charcoal paper sketch. The red colour used in the sketch adds the expression of strength and swiftness. At that time Eisenstein worked for Central Educational Theater and, especially, on production of “Macbeth” together with Sergei Yutkevich, a theatre and film director and screenwriter. Eisenstein designed costumes and props for the performance. Unfortunately, the show was not successful and ran for only a week.

It was quickly clear that Eisenstein’s artistic ideas often turned out to be more of a director’s decision. He believed, that the main thing in art was movement, that avoided static characters and situations: “the line is a trace of movement”. Therefore, smooth lines became to be more than a circuit, but determined the shape, volume, plasticity and even character. For instance, “Knight” created with rapid strokes is emotionally precise and full of determination, firmness. Eisenstein reckoned, that at the core of any real artistic work was a dissonance (“conflict”) between its content and form, which allowed to convey the author’s state of mind. Thus, a drawing served as a link between the feelings of the artist and the viewer.

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