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“People whisper” by Grégoire Michonze

Please find details of “People whisper” by Grégoire Michonze

Franco-Moldovan artist managed to depict the spreading of rumours. Grégoire Michonze precisely conveyed entrained glances and emotions of the whispering figures. Interestingly, the artist described the characters through their reactions on what they had just found out. Spectators seem to be inside the instantaneous exchange of the news, almost hearing a soft murmur around.

Grégoire Michonze

The painter was born in 1902 in Chișinău, Bessarabia. He studied at the Art Academy there, then at Bucharest and finally at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. In Francce he was close with the circle of surrealist artists, among which were Max Ernst and André Breton. Moreover, Michonze closely cooperated with The École de Paris. The artist lived a short period in the Côte d’Azur, where he worked with Chaïm Soutine and Henry Miller. In 1937, he joined the French army, but was held captive for two years during World War II. Although his artistic ideas were innovative and original, the artist never received the wide recognition.

Unique style

After several experiments in the surrealistic style, artist worked out his personal way. In particular, it was a mixture of naive art, realism and surrealism. Also, the scenery always resemblered folklore, especially bright colours and not detailed environment. His plots were mostly about society’s habits, so “People whisper” was not an exception. Michonze depicted men inside crowds with impressive visages in the motion. The groups of heroes telling the whisper seem to form separated episodes. Unproportionality of characters compared with the background adds theatricality to the composition.

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