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Ora Nissim

Born 1978 Jerusalem, Israel 

Ora Nissim is a pioneer contemporary Israeli artist. Born in Mea Shearim neighborhood of Jerusalem. She depicts rich and colorful cultural magic of the Holy City. Therefore, her paintings have broad spectrum of colors, they are full of emotions and life.

Early Life

Born in Jerusalem, Ora Nissim decided to carol the country and the people. Moreover, She has studied in Israel and Europe in order to create unique artistic style. Her works share the atmosphere and perceptions. Furthermore, living in the religious district since childhood, she has discovered “how much colorfulness, feeling, movement and joy are hidden behind that black clothing”.

Unusual compositions and combinations of stains and paints capture attention of viewers. Additionally, they invite them to share the magic. Particularly, Jerusalem with its fascinating mood is a main hero of the paintings.

Over the years,

The style of Ora Nissim started to be widely recognized. Specificly, She shows the prayers, that are the moments with the highest power.  Dances are depicted as vortices of the worship. Enchated Jerusalem is a bit different on each painting. As she wrote: “Each day in Jerusalem has its story, its atmosphere, and its primary color”.

The painter uses a lot of bright colors, in many of her paintings the accent is done by the gold. Initially, “Gold instills hope for better days, days of tranquility, and the yearning for the Messiah and complete redemption”.

Despite the fact,

That Ora Nissim is the innoative and successful modern artist, she is a poet.

Works of Ora Nissim have been displayed in galleries and museums throughout the world in individual and group exhibitions. In addition, She has received art prizes for innovation in modern art including Italian, American and Portugues awards.

You can find a large selection of her artworks in Kings Gallery.

Kings Gallery is a leading fine art gallery established in Jerusalem in 1995. It strives to collect and sell the highest quality historic and contemporary Israeli and International art.

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