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Ivan Schukin

Please view artworks by Ivan Schukin presented in Kings gallery

Russian born Israeli based artist has recently shown himself in very different interesting projects. For instance, his series “Fragile World” contains of artworks painted with fire on real matzah. An unleavened flatbread is plasticized accordig to the special author’s technology. Our gallery has two items made in this way. “Shape of Israel” delicately emerges on matzah and glows due to a light body installed inside. Ivan Schukin created it in 2021 in Tel-Aviv. “Fragile World” is a volumetric sculpture illuminated from within. The five-pointed figure has started to collapse from sides, as the world is fragile and precarious, however, the form in the center is stable.

Interestingly, a short time ago, the artist built a glowing city out of matzah in Tel Aviv’s Habima Square for a day.


Kings gallery offers as well his modernist style painting “Guitar player”. Vivid colors, deep emotionality are characteristic of Schukin’s art. The divided painting connects several moods making the work very personal. As the artist described: “I experiment a lot with texture and incorporate playful twists of imagination to provoke myself and a viewer to re-see everyday natural and cultural phenomena. Into these simple narratives, I interweave my personal mysteries”.


Ivan Schukin presented his photos of Tel-Aviv in 2019 in Moscow in the Nikitskaya Jewish Cultural Center, there visitors for the first time met Schukin as a photographer.

The artist graduated from the Higher Academic School of Graphic Design and the MOMMA School (Free Workshops) in Moscow.

Kings Gallery is a leading fine art gallery established in Jerusalem in 1995. We strive to collect and sell the highest quality historic and contemporary Israeli and International art. Especially, the gallery specializes in artists from the early period of the 1920’s. In addition, Kings allery features leading up-and-coming young artists who will definitely be prominent names in the next few years.

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