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“Jerusalem” by Anna May Rychter

Please find details of “Jerusalem” by Anna May Rychter

Anna May Rychter, an early twentieth-century realist painter, became known for beautiful landscapes of Jerusalem and Judean Hills. Her artwork “Jerusalem” is a beautiful depiction of the main old building of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem on Mount Scopus (Har HaTsofim). Interestingly, the name of title “lookout” is a Latinisation of the Greek word for “watcher”. Also, this land was already purchased before World War I from Sir John Gray-Hill, an English maritime solicitor, as well as an art collector and travel writer.

Hebrew University

The public university was founded by Albert Einstein and Dr. Chaim Weizmann in July 1918 and officially opened in April 1925. There was a grand opening of the campus with all leaders of the Jewish world as guests. Moreover, Arthur James Balfour, Viscount Allenby, Winston Churchill and Sur Herbert Samuel attended the ceremony. It was particularly important, as the establishment of a Jewish university was a concept of the Zionist movement.

The artist conveyed a tender sandy colour of Jerusalem stone and showed locals working under the scorching sun. Calm background is in contrast with a full of motion forefront. Besides, the street in the distance is empty together with a bright cloudless sky.

In addition, check our blog about “Jerusalem view” by Ernst Huber, Austrian landscape artist, that was significant in in the 1920’s and 30’s. In particular, it depicts the route towards the walls of the Old City. Spectators seem to join a procession of citizens. 

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