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“Bouquet de dahlias” by Louis Valtat

Please find details about “Bouquet de dahlias

Louis Valtat was a french painter and printermaker, whose art combined atmosphere and shifting light of Impressionism and color intencity o Fauvism. Born in a wealthy family, the artist studied at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris and later the Barbizon School, where his peers included Pierre Bonnard and Édouard Vuillard. In 1905 the Fauves (“the wild beasts”, because of wild use of color) first exhibited at the Salon d’Automne. In the early period he worked in the style of Impressionism and especially in Pointillism.


“Bouquet de dahlias” shows his transition to more saturated colors and less vague depictions, inherent in Fauvism. Moreover, bright flowers look a bit tense and aggressive if compared with his earlier works. Red curtains with grey stripes in the background and also a piece of fabric, that reminds of flower shape, make the painting wider, not only the vase is shown, but the room space.


The dahlias petals look alive, as they all arche differently. The artist works with alternation and contrast of colors. Burgundy flowers are in front of gently pink impressionistic wallpapers, at the same time white and coral ones are prior to maroon curtains. This effect creates geometric perception of the background. In this context flowers look a bit less-organized and chaotic but at the same time vivid. Notably, the bouquet looks natural.

The painting shows unique artistic style of Louis Valtat, who combined the soft and tender with abrupt. He never totally adopted manners of the Fauves, avoiding extreme boldness of color and form.

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