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“Two Figures” by Moshe Tamir

Please find details of “Two Figures” by Moshe Tamir

Moshe Tamir (Tulchinsky) (1924-2004) was born in Odessa, he moved to Israel with the family when he was 3 years old. The artist received international education, started from Bezalel in Jerusalem, then continued at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, and the National High School of Fine Arts in Paris.

His works have abstract, cubist and, also, some realist features. The artist created his own language. “Two Figures” are looking through from the canvas. Grotesque, broken lines and layers of colors and planes overlap here. Connected together two men include quaint objects, such as a window-bookshelf in the middle. Futuristic steel shapes together with variety of tubes and gears determine the sense of new era and motion. However, their deep explicitly empty transparent eyes create the puppet perception and soullessness. Outlines of figures are the parts of the environment, moreover, they seem to appear from it.

Moshe Tamir’s works are parts of private and public collections, for instance, his famous “Wounded Amnon” is on permanent display at the Tel Aviv Museum.

Our collection

In addition, I would like to point out two more cubist human depictions from our collection. Inspired by Flamish expressionists and Cezanne, Van Gindertael created “Portrait”, that sets a dialogue about the weakness and strength, elegance and restraint. “Woman (Cubism)” by an unknown artist incorporates cubist and expressionist features. It has geometric outlines as well as distinct planes shown from a bit different angles. Thus, it creates the three-dimensionality, an illusion of depth. 

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