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“The market in Yafo” by Avi Schwartz

Please find details about “The market in Yafo” by Avi Schwartz

Avi Schwartz is famous for urban landscapes. The Romanian Israeli painter had depicted various market scenes. “The market in Yafo” shows entrained sellers and customers. The artist masterfully catches the mannerisms in the most vivid moments. Schwartz in the figurative style depictes immediate impressions of people at rest and at work.

In particular,

Spectators feel the painter’s excitement about the authenticity of the emotion and life styles of people in Yafo. Moreover, Schwartz creates controversial mood of the painting. Although heroes wear bright clothes and stay near multicolored buildings, all of them seem to be sleepy. The painting transfers peace and tranquility, viewers feel midday heat. Even the horse in the right bottom corner rests. Facial expressions can be foreseen by viewers although they are not drawn thoroughly.


Further at a range the market is more alive. Tens of traders and buyers dispute and negotiate. The work deals with social themes, but not express any subversive ideas. Schwartz observes the market from a distance and translate his point of view, without taking a part in what is happening.

White walls of the old city in the horizon refer to endlessness and antiquity. People in the forefront seem to be captured by immobility and calmness.


Artist coveys a light haze of the sky. Rays of the sun make their way and beautifully illuminate the clouds. The earth miraculously shown with ochre yellow shimmers with gold.

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