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“Scenery” by David Alfaro Siqueiros

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David Alfaro Siqueiros was a Mexican social realist artist. Together with Diego Rivera and José Clemente Orozco he was a member of the art project “Mexican muralists“. As an ideological supporter of Soviet Union he participated in an unsuccessful attempt to assassinate Leon Trotsky on the 24th of May 1940. Siqueiros advocated for a social realism that would greet the proletariat peoples of Mexico and the world.


The artist created a myth from his biography. Even after his death there were misleadings in many details, including birth date, birthplace, first name, and where he grew up. Art and politics influenced and determined each other in his life. Painter wrote “A New Direction for the New Generation of American Painters and Sculptors”, there he ecouragged for a “spiritual renewal” and bringing back classical styles. However, these techniques had to meet the “new values” and acknowledge the “contemporary aspects of daily life”. From the perspective of Siqueiros, the art needed a “constructive spirit”. Especially it should be meaningful, not only decoration and fantasy. This “spirit” had to combine and unite national and universal art.


“Scenery” is an example of the combination of avant-garde painting elements with traditional art historical symbolism. The stones seems to be in motion, each one is like a figure with a unique character. They are receding endlessly away. Also, artist precisely showed haze or a smoke rising upward from rocks. Moreover, the soft colors are opposed to the sharp cliffs. Siqueiros masterfully transmitted the structure of stones, particularly their shades and folds. Due to the painting composition, viewers and their looks are lured inside to the center of the artwork. Furthermore, the lines of the stones in forefront follows roundish skyline.

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