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“Girl Descending the Stairs” By Ruth Schloss

Please find details of “Girl Descending the Stairs

In the center of the expressive composition there is a small girl. Even though she is barefooted, there is no doubt that she is heading far away from this shabby building. Probably, the heroine rushes to work. After seeing an artwork, one can imagine her character. It seems, that she rarely lookes up, a humble child who is challenged with adult difficulties. The poor little girl looks infinitely resolute. Due to the style of the painting, the heroine appears to pass through the line of a strong wind, every step is difficult for her.


The staircase looks moist, also, a bucket in the right corner confirms this feeling. By this effect the artist conveys a sence of discomfort and instabillity. Furthermore, faded colors, shades, the slight blur create an oppressive atmosphere.

Social problems were one the main topics of the art by Ruth Schloss. In particular, the artist voiced egalitarian, socialist views through paintings. She depicted woman and children in transition camps and squalor of the slums in a realistic manner. The protest artist showed injustice and especially highlighted the horrors of wars and cruelty, the pain of mothers. Therefore, she was not a member of Israeli group “Ofakim Hadashim”, that was against social messages in art. Born in Nuremberg, Schloss like no other felt vulnerability and variability of what is considered to be normal.


In late 1970s, Schloss began printing photographs on the canvas and reworking them in acrylic. She added figures and changed meanings. Her art always spoke about important issues and depicted the dark side of humanity.

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