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Crowned sheep by Menashe Kadishman

It is interesting, how the image of a sheep became a trademark of a famous Israeli artist. Crowned sheep series is recognizable easily due to sad expressive eyes and bright paints forming a beautiful resemblance of a crown. Head-dresses create fabulousness and magic. For example, in a tender work “Two crowned sheep” an accent is on the striking wreath and hat. Great variety of colors reminds of spring and unfogettable moments of the rebirth of nature after winter.


Sometimes a crown seems to be an attribute of a character. Instantly, “Dark crowned sheep” looks sinister. Her head-dress closes her eyes, thus, it appears to be cunning and wicked. Shades and saturated colors add anxiety to the artwork, especially rich yellow. Narrow eyes look as if past the audience. On the contrary, “Three crowned sheep” include three different piercing gazes. Particularly, there is a sensation, that viewer is analyzed for three perspectives. However, this painting does not scare, it tunes to meditation.


Menashe Kadishman managed to divide moods of two almost simillar “Crowned sheep” only with the the color tints. The painter performed the left one in warm colors with the accent on beige. The other one has mostly blue and green tones and, therefore, is much more cold.

Please find our collection of artworks by Menashe Kadishman. The first major appearance of the sheep in his art was at the 1978 Venice Biennale. Menashe Kadishman presented an actual flock of sheep and himself as shepherd. He colored the flock and described as a living art. Artist is not only a painter, but also a significant Israeli sculptor. We bring to your attention a blog about his sculptures.

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