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«Tashlikh» by Zvi Malnovitzer

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In «Tashlikh» Zvi Malnovitzer works with the light and its reflections. Rays of setting sun break through multicolored clouds. In particular, spectators do not see straight lines of the light, the artist illuminates the art work by the complex of light reflections in the sky, water and on the ground. Impressionistic painting reproduces a fresh evening see breeze.

Speaking about the plot,

Tashlikh is a customary Jewish ritual, that prayers perform during the Rosh Hashannah (the beginning of the Jewish new year). The word comes from the Hebrew word meaning “to cast”. The ceremony is a symbolic cast away into the depths of the sea sins, and failures, and regrets. Especially, this ritual has to be done in front of a natural body of flowing water. People shake their clothes after the Tashlikh prayer in order to achieve the spiritual goal of throwing away sins from the soul.


The Tashlikh depicted by the artist is the women’s Tashlikh. Specifically, there are only women and children on the painting. The thin blue horizon line of the sea divides the ground and the sky, which are shown with almost similar colors. This effect gives imponderability and spirituality to the action. Furthermore, delicate tender colors encourage reflections.

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