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“Sliced Aluminum” by John Chamberlain

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John Chamberlain was an American sculptor. He became famous for his works from galvanized steel, mineral-coated Plexiglas, and finally aluminum foil. The artist created sculptures from old automobiles or parts of them. He brought the Abstract Expressionist style of painting into three dimensions and combined it with the language of Pop art. The colorful ruins of old cars were turned into fancy forms.

Furthermore, John Chamberlain even created masks from steel. His first mask was produced for a benefit auction for Victim Services in 1991, providing aid to victims of sexual assault. 

Interestingly, the sculptor has a a work of art on the moon in the Moon Museum.

Aluminum works

Starting from the mid-1960s, the artist focused on working with aluminum. Chamberlain analized all the materials, that came to his hands. Particularly, he experimented looking for unexplored qualities. Some his aluminum series were the visualizations of his thoughts, he did not use ready items. Chamberlain took all the forms from the mind, these sculptures were not figurative.

However, Chamberlain’s main idea was to use pre-existing industrially produced materials. Although the artists used details of the vehicles, he never devoted his art to images of cars. John Chamberlain gave references, but always kept spectators searching and imagining.

“Sliced Aluminum”

The sculpture consists of thin metal slices. All in all, it is seems to be a unified rod. Bright colors add liberty and invite to start dreaming creatively. The tower is different from the front and back sides, especially background is much more calm and only partly multicolored.

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