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“Negba” by Itzu Rimmer

Please see further details of “Negba” by Itzu Rimmer

Negba is a kibbutz in southern Israel. Interestingly, its name means “southward” in Biblical Hebrew. G-d commanded Abraham to travel towards the north, south, east and west, that is how this word determined the location. In this place the Battles of Negba took place between the Israel Defense Forces and the Egyptian army in the 1948 Arab-Israeli War.


Limited color pallet of the minimalistic landscape conveys the calmness and beauty. The rural road leads up to the hill with several small buildings. The painting seems to emit the silence and freshness, especially due to bright green tints. Probably, this is the dusk light, that illuminates clouds inclining to the tender pink. The field divided into two parts, two cypresses above the couple of buildings reflect the harmony of the moment.

Itzu Rimmer is an Israeli artist. He began his education in London, however, he shortly came back to Israel in order to enlist in the army for the Yom Kippur War of 1973. Itzu Rimmer graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design and later taught at various institutions all over Israel. Rimmer’s art is full of references to various ritual objects and symbols. He tries to show culture through the language of myths and signs. The artist has participated in many international group exhibitions. Now he works and lives in Mitzpe Ramon. 

In addition,

check our blog about another artwork by Itzu Rimmer exhibited in our gallery. In “Euan Uglow” Itzu Rimmer has depicted the album with “Summer Picture” by Euan Uglow on the cover, a British painter. 

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