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Yaacov Feldman “Flag and Talit”

Please find details of “Flag and Talit” by Feldman Yaacov Feldman is a contemporary Israeli Realism artist. He believes, that “ordinary things inhabiting artist’s pictures, like a garlic bulb, a matchbox, a pair of scissors, can sometimes tell you no less than human characters about…

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Leonid Balaklav “Self-portrait”

Please find details of “Self-portrait” by Leonid Balaklav Leonid Balaklav is now a very well-known Israeli artist. He was born in the Moldavian city of Bălți (or Belts) in 1956. Interestingly, one half of his paintings are self-portraits. Rembrandt was a very important inspiration for Balaklav.…

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“Still Life” by Ori Reisman

Please find details of “Still life” by Ori Reisman Still life captures the attention by the bright and intense colors. Famous for the landscapes, the artist here observes the massive chair as a firm surface, that goes beyond the painting borders. Defined clear lines together…

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