Yakov Feldman

Yaakov Feldman , Jerusalem, oil on canvas, 120 x 150 cm
Yaakov Feldman, Talit and Flag, Oil on Wood, 70 x 50 cm
Yaakov Feldman, Tel Aviv Landscape, Oil on Canvas, 85 x 150 cm
Yaakov Feldman , Teaspoon , oil on board, 28.5 x 39 cm
Yaakov Feldman , Judaen Hills I , 24 x 36.6 cm
Yaakov Feldman – Roses in a Glass – 50 x 30 cm, Oil on wood
Yaakov Feldman, Old City View, Oil on wood, 50.5 x 60.5 cm

“The most precious thing about art is (when it’s inexplicable) its inexplicability.”

– Blake

Yakov Feldman
1969 Born in Vitebsk, Byelorussia

Works of Yaakov Feldman are an unexplainable phenomenon and therefore significant.  His paintings are giving us this hint of nearness of the mystery, which is in your soul.  When you are looking at the world around you through understanding of that magic of unknown, through the incomprehensible, the inconceivable, all ordinary and mundane objects are transformed. They become extraterrestrial, participial to the Eternity. Able to conduct numerous painting techniques on the level of virtuoso, Jacob synthesizes them in to his own unique language.

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