Avi Schwartz

Avi Schwartz , Watermelon Nap Time , 30 x 80 cm
Avi Scwartz ,Women Hanging Laundry, oil on canvas, 50 x 60 cm
Avi Schwartz,
Market Triptych, Oil on Panel, 30 x-120-cm

“Sights, forms, noises, sounds – diverse in all ways, this is Jerusalem our capital city. And I, as an artist, am charmed by all of it – feel it on the edge of my paintbrush, and express it with color….” A. Schwartz

Avi Schwartz was born in 1938 in Bucharest, Romania, and immigrated to Israel at the age of 10. At young age he discovered his potential as an artist. His father, an art collector, recognized his talent and encouraged him to learn and develop his skills. Schwartz studied at the “Avni Institute” (1954-1956) with well-known instructors: Marcel Janco, Streichmann, and Stematsky. Their preference for the abstract didn’t match Schwartz’s inner truth as an artist, and as a result he stopped painting. After a number of years, he returned to study art under the artist Zvi Schur (1970-71), and then afterwards under Professor Schwartzman. As a young and appreciated artist, Schwartz painted alongside other well-known artists: Lubin, Holzman, and Nachum Gutman, mainly in the alleys of Jaffa, in coffee shops, and at the port. In 1979, Schwartz studied at the Parisian Art Academy “Académie de la Grande Chaumière”. The viewer of Schwartz’s paintings is exposed to his world of rich colors, his virtuosic drawing abilities, and his unique perception of the objects that he paints. Avi Schwartz is an honest and coherent artist who stands at the forefront of Israeli Art. Schwartz defines his style as one that shifts between Postmodernism and Fauvism. Schwartz deeply believes in art that is judged by its true quality, even if it does belong to a more outdated school or genre, and does not try to break conventions or be unusual. Thanks to his style, Schwartz is able to reach the essence of things and accentuates with great technical skill and high sensitivity, the positive, beautiful, and aesthetic qualities in the objects that he paints.

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