Love and Jerusalem, Acrylic on Wood, 49.5 x 75 cm
Disney Love, Oil on Wood, 78.5 x 99 cm
Bamba, Oil on Wood, 78.5 x 99 cm

Zhumaliev Sabir Kamidulovich, b. 1982, Russia, Saratov city

  • Sabir is a graduate of Saratov Factory of Technical Glass, the department of Interior Glass. In 2015 Sabir started to learn and create art objects in the style of “Op-Art” keeping the contact with the pioneer of this art style Patrick Hughes, the British artist. The “Op-Art” works are based on the laws of optical illusion and reverse perspective. Changing the view angle you can see the motion in the picture. The paintings with the reverse perspective look unusual and volumetric and cause a huge amount of positive emotions. The artist creating these pieces possesses rich imagination and volumetric thinking.

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