Ora Nissim

Ora Nissim, Chasidim, oil on canvas, 70 x 100 cm
ora nissim, purple and yellow, oil on canvas, 75×85 cm
Ora nissim, Jerusalem, Oil on canvas, 65 x 140 cm
ora nissim. red sea crossing, oil on canvas, 75×120 cm
Ora Nissim ,80×90 cm
Ora Nissim , chasid, oil on canvas and goldleaf, 100×80 cm
ora nissim chasidik dancing, oil on canvas, 100×120 cm
Ora Nissim, Kotel green brown, oil on canvas, 80×90 cm
Ora nissim klei zmer, oil on canvas, 80×140
ora nissim ,kotel, oil on canvas, 100×12 cm

Ora Nissim is an Avant Garde, Judaica artist whose work reflects the extraordinary journey that she embarked on in life. This is certainly remarkable when you consider the circumstances of her religious upbringing and background, in an intense Orthodox neighborhood of Jerusalem, yet she channeled her memories and experiences directly into her art.

Her work is a blend of Judaic and contemporary Jewish art, which is abstract expressionism of nature, reflecting her own beliefs about life and Judaism. For Nissim, religion is multifaceted, which can be seen in much of her work, mainly through the use of diverse colors and textures that represent the many different aspects of Judaism she has encountered in life.

Each painting is soaked in spiritually that takes the viewer on a journey that Nissim herself experienced. She feeds us with what she has seen and experienced, some of which reflects a grounded reality while others relate to the imagination. Every painting is powerful, colorful, and full of life.

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