Arye Azan

Born in Germany in 1934. Azan Immigrated with his parents in 1935. Lives in Jerusalem. Studied painting with Aaron Avni and painter Vitkin at the Bezalel Academy. His main periods, as expressed in his paintings, can be divided into those until the late 1970s and afterwards. Azan simplifies the works, makes them appear lyrical and distant, but on the other hand, thanks to the contrast of the black colors against the white background, they create a feeling that they can be felt. He writes, writes, sometimes shreds and cuts them and gives the viewer the feeling of a distant landscape, perhaps surging, perhaps pastoral, but, on the other hand, it is within it as part of it within the surging sambetion. The brush strokes create a first impression of spontaneity, but with a careful look and dialogue, the observer will find that in Azan there is no accident – everything is planned.

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