Shmuel Charuvi

Shmuel Charuvi (1897 – 1965)

“To paint the Land of Israel as I had imagined it from afar”-

This was the artistic mission of Shmuel Charuvi as he defined it in 1953. Charuvi arrived to Israel from Odessa in 1914 at the age of seventeen. Since then, he documented the Israeli landscape and the holy places as natural experiences in the eastern light and color.

The artist’s water color landscapes are composed of numerous little brush strokes, combining touches of warm and cold colors into flashes of light. The views of Charuvi are simplified to their essences and usually uninhabited. Thus, they help the viewer escape into a world of tranquility and meditation. These special qualities were noted as early as 1926, when the critics of Haretz wrote: “The talented artist Charuvi has a delicate sensibility; he feels the sun, the shade, the nature of this Land.”