Marvadiah Compartment Carpet

Measures: 2.1X.2.6 (length-width rate: 1:1.23) this rate is extremely rare since it is nearly square most Bezalel or Marvadiah carpets are rectangular what is known as the “Golden Rate” 1: 1-2/3, apparently the compartment design looks better in a square rate.
Warps: Single ply cotton yarn made of many fibers, not dyed.
Wefts: Single, double ply cotton yarn, made of many fibers, not dyed. Seen at the back of the rug as a line of white dots.
Knots: Turkish, no warp depression, wool pile.
Design: Compartment design or Garden Design,” the most famous[1] carpet in history has such a design… for the palace at Ctesiphon of Chosroes (Khosros) –I, one of the last emperors before the Arab conquest…many attempts have been made to re-create the pattern of the legendary ‘spring of Chosros’ ” the idea was to represent a garden design which will give the owner the filling of Garden of Eden. In later period 17 century & 18 century the design became a floral design with a grid like frame, some times in a stylistic form , in other cases a simple square one like those design that are popular in the Qum , Kirman or Baktiari carpets of Iran.
[1]Oriental Carpet design, P.R.J.Ford, Thames & Hudson, pg. 144