Atzmon Yaniv

Atzmon Yaniv
1951, Israel –

“I never drew a painting in my life. Well, to be precise, I did every week in elementary school. During art lessons but truly I was never good at that and the art teacher, Genie Kampinski was her name, never really thought much of my drawings at least this is the impression I got as she never picked any of my works to be presented in front of the class like she used to do almost every week with the drawing of Ruthie, her favorite student.”

“This is why I grew up to understand that I shall never be a great painter and that I should devote my love to art to collecting works of others, which I did and filled my house, along the years with many beautiful paintings of artists I liked, So much so that there is almost no space on the walls to add another painting.”

“Until one day some weeks ago as I was almost reaching the age of sixty four I felt a strong urge to start painting it was so strong that I went to the local supermarket and got some paint in different colors and a few brushes of all sizes and came home. I found a few pieces of wood and at once went out to the garden, and started painting whatever came into my head.”

“The colors took me captive I was drawn by strong forces and in a way felt obsessed by something stronger than me. I kept coming back to the drawing stand wanting to put on wood and paper my impressions and indeed within a very short time I had a collection of over 20 drawings some of which I proudly exhibited on my Facebook wall. The response was so good that I was encouraged to continue and I sure did.”

“…You never know what skills and powers are hidden in you. If you give it a try you can be surprised to find out you have in you hidden skills and beauty waiting to be exposed.”

“…I want to encourage each and every one of you to try to believe in your skills to let yourself open up and express in every way and mean your feelings. There is something very refreshing in that and also liberating. So go ahead GIVE IT A TRY.”