Adi Sened

Adi Sened is an independent artist based for the last 8 years in Tel Aviv, Israel. He creates and manufactures by line and color, printing and painting. At the same time, He is constantly working with various materials, mostly with clay. Adi perceives his sculpture as a poetic form – a spiritual statement – it drives its identity from the joy of creation. As a street writer and urban artist, he is involved in the unspoken dialogue of the urban landscape and city walls. While dealing with constant changes, he is trying to establish a visual language. In his work, he attempts to challenge balance and question the viewer’s perspective. In the last 13 years, Adi have been working on a series of characters he named “The Kufsonim” (from the Hebrew word boxes), who stars in his stencil art as a sort of urban personal comics which responds to the environment.