Itzu Rimmer

Itzu Rimmer,
Born in Israel in 1948  is a well-known Israeli painter.  Rimmer received his first degree from Tel Aviv University in Philosophy and went on to study at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and the St. Martin’s School of Art in London. His background in philosophy is clear in his paintings and drawings which are distinguished by blocks of color and lonely figures or houses. His people are genderless and raceless, seemingly on a spiritual journey through the desert. Rimmer’s landscapes encompass the essence of minimalist graphic design with flat areas of complimenting colors forming mountains populated by geometric clusters of houses and trees. There is no indication of who lives in these houses if anyone does at all. They are organized memories of familiar places passed but not visited. Rimmer has taught at numerous art schools in Israel and currently lives and works in Beer Sheva.  Rimmer is a secular Jew but he considers his art to be deeply spiritual; a structured, solitary mindscape of man’s quest to build a personal relationship with God.Studies: 1971-72 Harrow College of Art, London; 1972-73 St. Martins School of Art, London; 1973-76 Bezalel, Jerusalem, gained B.F.A. Teaching: From 1978 Ben Gurion University, Beersheva; 1986-88 Head of Art Department, Meimad School, Tel Aviv. Prizes: 1977 America-Israel Cultural Foundation; 1978 First Prize Biennale of Young Artists, Safed.