Shulamit Near

Beit Ha´Emek, Israel, 1960
“I work from observation, carving my way between tonal painting and bright choices of color, patterns, space, features, and real personality… It is a process of observing, which allows me to make a painting that is built from the many changes that happen in a landscape or a person in a shifting light or alteration of mood.” – Shulamit Near

Although Shulamit Near´s exacting brush stroke and careful composition can make her works seem like they were done with the aid of photographs and computers, Near actually creates her works through a meticulous process of observation. This choice gives her paintings a dream-like quality as she captures the light changing through time. Near studied art at the Bezalel School of Art and design, Slade School of Art in London and at the Jerusalem Studio School. She often works on a large scale, allowing her paintings to envelope the viewer. Near´s landscapes are never populated and have an eerie ghostlike quality. Her soft optimistic colors make her uninhabited landscapes deceptively soothing and inviting.

Near lives and works in Jerusalem

1985 – 1989 –Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel
1998 – Slade School, London University, London
1998-2002 –The Jerusalem Studio School, Israel

Professional Experience
2004 –Today – Teaching painting and drawing at the ‘Jerusalem Art Centre’ & in Jerusalem Community Center Ginot Ha’ir.
2000/1 – Program director of the master class at the ‘Jerusalem Studio School’.
1998, 2000/1- Curator of Exhibitions at the ‘Jerusalem Studio School’
2009 – “All around you” Shulamit Near, Drawings &Paintings in Gallery Restaurant Al Dante Jerusalem
2009 – “Jerusalem in the eyes of generations” Group exhibition, City gallery of Jerusalem
2008-9 – “The land and It’s people” Shulamit Near and Ahmad Canaan, The Mormon university Gallery, Jerusalem
2008 – “New Members” The Artists House
2008 -“The Portrait” Z.O.A House, Tel Aviv paintings from the T.V. Show
2007 – ” Teacher’s group exhibition” Gallery of the Center for Arts, Jerusalem
2007 – “Fantastic Vision” Venta Gallery at HaZira, Jerusalem
Shulamit Near & Yosi Galanti
2004 -“Shulamit Near & Uri Blayer -Landscapes and Portraits”
Artspace Gallery, Jerusalem
1999 – “Group exhibition of The Jerusalem Studio School”
Artist’s House Jerusalem: